Jack whipping his cross bike in a Belgian Superprestige race.

Jack Humphreys

Cyclo-cross and Cross-Country Mountain Biker




Make a strong progression from junior into the senior ranks in both cyclo-cross and mountain bike cross-country.



Jack started competing in cyclo-cross as a youth bike rider. With supportive parents he was able to race regularly, often twice a weekend in the ‘cross season, as well as racing a full cross-country season through the summer months. On sitting down with Jack it became apparent that he had raced pretty much constantly for four years! One of my first jobs with Jack was therefore to show him how to structure his season, so that he can be competitive in both disciplines, but also enable him to plan time for quality training – and rest periods too! This step was critical for Jack to become a physically, technically and mentally better prepared bike racer.


As I started working with Jack when he was still a junior, much of my coaching also focused on helping him take ownership of his racing in its entirety. This involved how he balanced his education with his training and worked with his support team – his parents and club – to become an independent adult bike racer.


Jack is currently maintaining an elite license for cross-country and is studying a Sport Coaching degree. 


Jack says...


"My main disciplines are Cyclo-Cross, where I compete in the British national series and around Europe in races like the Belgian Superprestige Series. I also compete as an Elite rider in the British Mountain Bike Series. I approached Charlie for coaching because I needed to take my riding to the next level. Straight away I felt improvements in my performance and over the years I’ve been coached by Charlie I’ve become more professional and organised on and off the bike. I enjoyed riding my bike more and also realised a lifelong goal of getting a national podium position something I didn’t think would be possible".


"I would recommend Charlie as a coach because his depth of knowledge and experience will improve any rider".