Individually tailored, coach-led training sessions


Tune-ups are coached training sessions tailored to meet your specific development needs. Tune-ups can help you to learn how to do key workouts properly, develop a new aspect of performance, or simply to provide that additional bit of motivation to a workout. Session focus can range from bike handling basics to discipline-specific core techniques, as well as roller or turbo-based training sessions.


A Tune-up can be booked as frequently as you require. For regular Tune-in clients, Tune-up sessions can be booked to complement key elements of your Tune-in plan. Tune-up sessions are also available for riders who don’t want a training plan but are keen to develop a specific element of technique or fitness – for example a series of sessions can be booked to develop technical skills or fitness for that upcoming challenge or race.


Whether a novice just getting into cycling or an experienced bike rider requiring a little extra support, Tune-ups can help you to get more out of your bike riding.







  • Book a series of sessions, or book as a group and reduce the cost

  • Face-to-face coach-led session

  • Personalised fitness and/or technique development

  • Indoor turbo or rollers session or trail, track, circuit based workout

  • Regular Tune-in clients can be coach-led through key-workouts to enhance progression and rider development